InuYasha: The Final Act Season 1, Episode 11: "Kanna's Gravestone"

From the beginning it was very easy to tell what was going to happen in this episode. How it happens though, now that is a good story.

Last time we left the group, they were struggling against Kanna and her mirror guardian. The guardian was able to steal the demonic power from the Tetsusaiga and throw InuYasha's attacks right back at him. Unable to solve the situation, the group flees for the time being. Too bad for them that Kanna and her guardian follow. A heart-breaking battle follows as Naraku pushes Kanna to kill InuYasha and herself at the same time. As her guardian takes hits from Kagome's sacred arrows and InuYasha's sword, the damage is transferred to Kanna's body.

I've always really liked Kanna and wished that their had been more than just glimpses at her over the years. She really is a tragic soul. Though technically the "older" sister of Kagura, she appears so much younger and devoid of any emotions. The last episode has proven the latter statement false. It seemed like she was starting to grow. Alas, Naraku controls her will and she is therefore doomed. Through to the end though, she puts up one heck of an internal struggle for control. As the group pleads with her to not end her own life by continuing the battle, Naraku's command pushes her forward and over the brink. She shatters into millions of pieces, one shard of which gets in Kagome's eye. I worried for a moment, thinking that she had been rendered blind in that eye but in truth, Kanna was just giving her a final message. A glimmer of hope, you could say, on how to defeat Naraku and is finally "free" like Kagura. What a tragic end to such a miserable existence.

Next time on InuYasha: The Final Act "Sango's Feelings, Miroku's Resolve." Maybe those two will finally admit their feelings for each other!!


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