InuYasha: The Final Act Season One, Episode Five: The Great Holy Demon Spirit's Test

I feel like a robot that can only say one thing and that is "This episode felt rushed". I'm going to start leaving this out and assume that the episode is rushed. In one way it is nice to see the plot moving right along; but on the other, I miss the drawn out battles.

Needless to say, a lot happened in this episode.

Koga decides to go off on his own to spare further bloodshed of wolf demons from Naraku trying to get his jewel shards. After a very short sequence, he bids his friends farewell and is off.

The viewer is then thrust into a less than epic battle between Kinka and Ginka, a demon who shares a body and each demon is fighting for dominance. You get the impression that they have been fighting for a very long time. Moryomaru looks on as Naraku's Heart demands that the demon be consume to improve the bond between Moryomaru and his shell.

It seems in between episode four and now that Shippo has gone off with Kirara to get Totosia. Maybe he knows what's up with the Tetsusaiga hurting InuYasha and can fix it. Or maybe he'll tell them what's wrong and will send the group on another random quest to figure it out. Option two it is: go seek the Great Holy Demon Spirit.

The plot then jumps briefly back over to Moryomaru as he tries to consume Kinka and Ginka. They do not take kindly to this and decide to blast him with fire and lightning. I enjoyed Naraku's Heart just uttering an aggrivated "Bah" to this. Byakuya looks on the scene and is suddenly assaulted by Sesshomaru; who is surprisingly chatty in this episode. Eventually, Moryomaru tricks one demon side into killing the other who is then killed by himself and merges them with his body. Cue Sesshomaru again who decides to try Meido Zangetsuha against Moryomaru. Byakuya distracts Sesshomaru so that Moryomaru can escape....again. *sigh*

Finally, the story goes back to the plot of the title. InuYasha's group is led to a village where they hear a cry for help. They enter a hut and are surprised to find a lovely vast landscape beyond its door. The cries for help are from none other than the Great Holy Demon Spirit himself. It seems a demon has stolen his guts and InuYasha needs to retrieve them...alone, no help from the rest of the group and no help from Tetsusaiga. Much of the rest of the episode is the round-about way of teaching InuYasha to see demon vortices. He learns and masters yet another move for the Tetsusaiga. Apparently there is only one move left to learn.

That was quick.

The episode was rushed and jumped around a great deal; but I still liked it. It would have been nice for the whole Kinka and Ginka battle to get its own episode so that they have a bit of back story. I am getting tired of Moryomaru; but apparently we will not have to deal with him for long because the next episode is named "The End of Moryomaru". I hope that it will be epic and not a total jump off a cliff.


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