Episode Recap: "Life During Wartime"

This week on Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Hunt returned as head of trauma at Seattle Grace and not everyone welcomed him with open arms. Callie and Erica hit a bumpy patch when one of them became a little too emotionally involved in their new relationship, and the Chief pushed Bailey's medical abilities to the limit.

While it was great to see Dr. Hunt return as a possible love interest for Cristina, it was clear pretty early on he was not going to be a hospital favorite among most of the staff. His "in the field' mentality for handling cases made him an easy target for criticism among some of the doctors, including Derek who at one point referred to him as the "Rambo" who was "out of control." Izzie also proved to be a non-fan when she refused to take part in Hunt's "live tissue" experiment, which turned out to be code for saving sedated pigs that had been (purposely) sliced open. In his defense, Hunt tried to get Izzie to see that some advancements in medical history may not have been possible if it had not been for work involving animal tests and experiments. But Izzie remained firm in her beliefs that the modern medicinal world no longer needed to use animals as lab experiments. She then ended her powerful rebuttal by saying, "Don't tell me I'm less of a doctor for walking away."

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Nov 7, 2008 4:44AM EST

I know it was all fake but I found the pigs bit really hard to watch. It wasn't entertainment - especially when they had to be killed at the end.

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