'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Damon's dark, secret revenge is revealed while one couple reignites their passion

We knew that Damon wasn't the perfect guy on "The Vampire Diaries," but we've always excused his behavior before since it was in the name of saving himself, Elena, his brother Stefan, or anyone else. But what we learned from Thursday (Dec. 5) night's episode, "The Cell," changed everything.After he was re-caught by Wes and the Augustine society, we learned about Damon's first imprisonment in the basement on campus at Whitmore College. Flashback to ... after Damon abandoned Stefan on a train track during WWII (remember Lexi made Damon realize he wasn't good for Stefan's recovery back then). One of his ancestors lured Damon back to Mystic Falls and sold him out to the Augustine society for money. Don't worry: the cowardly Salvatore was murdered by Damon before Stefan showed up to get vervained as well, but Damon wasn't so lucky to escape. A random doctor, Dr. Whitmore to be precise, finishes vervaining him...



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