InuYasha: The Final Act Season One, Episode One, Naraku's Heart Review - Featured

It's back! It's finally back! I remember when episode 167 aired. Quickly I realized that it was more of a filler episode and started yelling at the TV, "No! No! You cannot do this to me! That can't be the end!" I stared and moped for a bit: but was comforted by the fact that the manga lived on. However, with Rumiko Takahashi reputation for not really ending series, I was skeptical. The a few month ago I noticed a random post. "Inuyasha is coming back!", it said. From that day forward, I bothered my more anime-savvy friends on when it would come out. When the fateful day came, I sat down in front of my computer, put on my headphones, and loaded up SideReel.

When the episode started I immediately wished that I had watched back through the last episode of the first series. I recognized the voice of Kanna and recalled that Naraku held Kagura's Heart. Flickers of a battle at the grave of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's Father came up. Naraku had gotten the one of the last shards of the Shikon no Tama that wasn't embedded in someone. But I didn't remember Goryomaru at all, and wasn't Hakudoshi supposed to be nigh untouchable?

The episode felt very rushed. Right off the bat, a shard of the jewel is taken from Kagome by Hakudoshi with no real battle at all. Then Naraku's minions went straight after Kouga for the shards in his legs and Kohaku for the shard in his back. Quite abruptly, Hakudoshi is shredded and sucked into Miroku's Wind Tunnel and now Sango knows that Kohaku has regained his memories. These are important plot lines that would have taken months of episodes to play out in the original series.

Overall, I am happy that InuYasha is back; but I feel cheated that so many random plot lines were mashed into one episode. I will continue to cross my fingers and focus on the positive. All the original voice actors are back and the animation is top notch. I'm excited to see where things go! The next episode looks like it will be interesting! How can Kikyo steal the long gone soul of the great Midoriko? What the heck is the Lightning Claw? We'll just have to wait to see!


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