Glee Recap: Christmas, Now With Less Death

This will be relevant in a second, I swear: I’ve been on a massive Doctor Who kick lately. And I’ve found myself comparing it to Glee more often than not. To be fair, I compare Glee to most every other show on television at one point or another, mainly because I think about it on a daily, constant, obsessive basis — we all have crosses to bear, and this is mine. I’ve been trying to suss out how a show about a time-traveling alien could possibly feel more realistic than a show about a high school choir and young artists in New York. Sure, Doctor Who frequently changes its rules, drops story lines, and jumps between crawling and sprinting. It’s very, very pretend, but it isn’t trying not to be. The parameters of the story — to say nothing of the planet and the year — are always shifting. But it’s always about a man who travels through space and time, trying to rescue people and getting by with help from his friends.  Read More...


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