InuYasha: The Final Act Season One, Episode Four: Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga

Oh another hardly memorable episode with yet another effeminate-looking Naraku incarnation. Great.

Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga was not a bad episode; but as I sat down to write this review I realized that I didn't actually remember what happened. Now that I've watched it again, let's review what happened.

Like the ending of the last episode, we join Sesshomaru as he kills more demons with the Meido Zangetsuha. About the only thing of note here is that he still needs to perfect this move in order to summon a full moon to rip his foes into the other world.

As you may remember from the last episode, InuYasha and crew encountered Dakki, a sword that steal demonic energy. In this episode, the group sets out to find Toshu, its maker, only to find him being attacked by the very demon whose scales he is using to craft the sword, Ryujin. Needless to say, a battle ensues and InuYasha faces a shield with the same powers as Dakki. Think he can overcome it with dumb luck? Yep, as usual. He beats Ryujin down with the Backlash Wave and Toshu uses the new Dakki to steal Ryujin's demonic power.

Big surprise, Toshu is not a good guy, because InuYasha has a very long history with power hungry humans that are eventually defeated by the power they seek. So Toshu and InuYasha battle it out. Tetsusaiga takes a lot of damage and begins to crack; but when all seems lost he makes one more drive and Toshu is killed by his own sword. This allows the Tetsusaiga to absorb Dakki's energy and transforms it into the Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga. Glad the title wasn't a give away.

Meanwhile a demon is attacking a wolf tribe under the orders of random-Naraku-reincarnation #3,045, Baykuya. The little brother of a random wolf-demon kid is taken away and he can only get him back by delivering Kouga's shards to Baykuya by sundown. Kouga kicks the demon's butt with the Lightning Claw, but Byakuya and the kid's brother get away.

Like usual, every one ends up meeting up for another battle with Moryomaru, who has the little brother. With the help of the Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga, they make a little more progress towards getting the shard embedded in his armor and the kid is saved. Big surprise again though, he gets away. I know, shocker!

The episode ends as Byakuya reports back to Naraku, who is intrigued by this new Tetsusaiga that injures the user with every swing.

The next episode looks like it will revolve around mastering the new Tetsusaiga and more random battles with random demons.


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