InuYasha: The Final Act Season One, Episode Three: Meido Zangetsuha

This was definitely a much better episode than I thought that it would be. As I said in my last review, I was worried that the episode would be very Shippo-centric, since I dislike the character immensely. I was surprised, though! When Shippo was on screen, there was not nearly as much whining as usual.

The episode begins with Sesshomaru's thoughts occupied by the death of Kagura when Totosai shows up, feeling a change in the Tenseiga. He informs Sesshomaru that because he felt rage and sorrow for another, the Tenseiga now has what it was missing to become a weapon and needs to be reforged.

Cut away then to InuYasha group hanging out with Kaede and thinking about what has occurred in the previous episode. They get back on their way and find themselves at an inn after Shippo is beamed in the head with a leaf that says Number 77. As eager as always to stay in an inn, they make their ways forward when a group of lovely "females" happily great them and welcome them in. After flaunting over Miroku, the "girls" receive slips of paper on them that state they are rank 25. Happy with this, the "women' transform back into kitsune and leap away. Meanwhile a group of transformed kitsunes wake up Shippo and explain to him that he is participating in the Demon Promotion Exam and break down the rules. Shippo stumbles across the fact that pulling fox magic tricks on InuYasha will help increase his rank. Hilarity ensues and goes on for most of the episode until Shippo reaches rank 24.

Then something seemingly random is thrown in. Shippo meets Mujina, a demon "girl" with a sword that absorbs demonic power who has lost her father. This hits close to home for him and decides to help her by allowing her sword (Dakki) to absorb a few Wind Scars. It is quickly revealed that Mejina is a demon male in disguise and InuYasha does away with his sword and kicks him away.

The viewer then returns to Sesshomaru and clan as Totosai teaches him Tensaiga's new move, Meido Zangetsuha, which is able to cut a path to the underworld and rip his enemies into it. Realizing the potential of the new attack, he vows to be the one to decide if Kagura died for nothing as the wind blows past.

There is quite a bit of gender-bending in this episode; but as always I am enjoying the character development of Sesshomaru. Next week we will see the Tetsusaiga up against Toshu and the demonic energy stealing sword, Dakki. What's up with the demon-scaled Tetsusaiga anyway?


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