'Sound of Music Live!': Appreciate it for what it was - a lot of fun

The online reaction to "The Sound of Music Live!", which aired on NBC Thursday night (Dec. 5), has run the gamut. Some really enjoyed it, others found it unbearable. But it's the ignorant viewers out there that have my hackles raised. The production was not without its flaws, certainly. There were a few odd lighting choices that felt kind of soap opera-y. And Carrie Underwood is definitely not an actress. She was pretty stiff in many of her deliveries (though she did have a few good moments). However, Underwood has also never claimed to be an actress. In interviews about this production, she has said that she's not trying to be Julie Andrews, who starred in the movie nearly 50 years ago.But Underwood was given this opportunity and she has to be praised for even attempting it. Live theater is hard. Live theater in front of millions of people on a major television network? Yikes....



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