InuYasha: The Final Act Season 1, Episode 10: "Flowers Drenched in Sadness"

Judging from the trailer from the last episode, I really had no idea what the point was going to be of this episode. After watching it I've decided, that while just a diversion, it has some interesting character development. Especially from Kanna, who's personality (or lack there of) I really never got the gist of.

I was immediately saddened at the beginning of the episode as Kanna watches the flowers whither and die. She misses Kagura and for a girl that never shows any emotion, I felt that this was pretty big.

Naraku makes a brief appearance; just to curse at Kikyo though...again. There is a still a spark of purity within the Shikon no Tama because of her and Naraku is understandably mad about it.

Kikyo is on the mind of InuYasha yet again through the episode. Really, I'm getting tired of her. Dead or alive, it doesn't seem to matter to InuYasha. She's all he thinks about and now that she is dead, I don't think there is ever going to be any hope for Kagome. How depressing.

The group stumbles upon a village surrounded with lovely flowers. The smell makes InuYasha sick and Shippo and Kirara sneeze. Of course things are not as they seem and the flowers are machinations of the Flower Prince. They feed off of sorrow and hate from others. The Flower Prince says that he will take their pain away with his flowers, but really he is just feeding off of those caught in the vines. Did I mention that there was a lot of bleeding from the eyes again? This seems to be the new injury in this series. InuYasha, being filled with tons of sadness, is entangled in the vines and transported to a place in his mind where he can be with Kikyo. I love the art style of this scene. It's so simple and elegant.

Meanwhile, Kagome is haunted by the words of the Flower Prince, "the woman you loved most in this world has died." I was surprised that she didn't wallow is self-pity like usual. She actually summoned her own strength and tore through the barrier to call InuYasha back to the real world. It was refreshing. Sure, she had shown how strong she is many times; but usually her resolve is bolstered by one of her companions. InuYasha frees himself from the vines and, with Kagome, destroys the Flower Prince.

I thought that the episode was going to end there; but we are reunited with Kanna who seemingly drowns herself in a lake. I was actually worried for a moment that, because of her sadness of Kagura's death and the accompanying loneliness, she had. Her mirror floats to the surface and turn the lake into a mirror. The group investigates and Kanna summons a grand guardian from it. I found this scene to be rather cute. Her guardian has the powers of the Tetsusaiga and before it uses a power, Kanna whispers its name is her cute little voice. The group retreats for now and Kanna and he guardian leave the scene as well. On their way it picks a flower for her in a very "awwwww" moment. Then, much like the beginning of the episode, Kanna reminisces on the fragility of life and memories and crushes the flower. How sad.

Overall, I liked this episode and hope to see much more Kanna in the future.

The last thing that I was expecting was a new ending song. It is very nice and the animation is beautiful that accompanies it.

Next time of InuYasha: The Final Act "Kanna's Gravestone". Crud! But I want to seem more of her!


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