InuYasha: The Final Act Season One, Episode Two: Kagura's Wind Review - Featured

I'm feeling a bit more optimistic this time around. "Kagura's Wind" was a pretty good episode with not too much going on. I have to admit though that I was expecting something much different from this episode due to the bumper from the last one. It ended up taking Kikyo all of three or so minutes of air time to steal Midoriko's soul and frankly, I got confused by this. Isn't Midoriko's soul the Shikon no Tama? How can you steal a dead and crystallized soul? I clearly missed something. It also took Kouga about 5 minutes to obtain the ancient power of the Lightning Claw. It was not very dramatic, but this episode was full of subpar battles. I already miss the battles that would take episodes to resolve.

The main plot line of this episode was Kagura. It should have been apparent by the title of the episode, but the bumper was very misleading. In any case, Naraku finally decides to "release" Kagura from his control and returns her heart to her... only to tentacle stab her two seconds later and mess her up by filling her full of his poisonous miasma. He then tells her to enjoy her freedom. What a jerk.

As she enjoys her fleeting moments of freedom and the feel of her heart beating within her, Sesshomaru is off having a not-very-epic battle with the newly pimped Goryomaru. As Sesshomaru is kinda-sorta losing, he catches sight of a blood covered flower petal and smells the scent of Kagura's blood and enrages. He almost does considerable damage to Goryomaru when Tokijin breaks! Oh no! It does not seem to matter though, as Goryomaru is scared enough to run off and Sesshomaru uses the opportunity to run off to Kagura's location.

Finding her dying in a field of flowers, he seems almost sad that not even Tetsaiga can save her. Sesshomaru surprises Kagura by telling her that he knew she was there and had no hopes of finding Naraku with her. This makes Kagura happy and she dies with a smile on her face, disintegrating into the wind.

I did like this episode, in a romantically tragic sort of way and I think I'll probably watch it a few more times tonight. However, I am not looking forward to the next episode. I'm not a fan of Shippo. Sorry kid, you're just annoying. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised again though!


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