"To The Lighthouse", Grade: A-

Sci-Fi Fridays returns with a bang and a multitude of reminiscent conspiracy entertainment we saw in all those thriller genre films from the nineties and eighties. I kept imagining Sandra Bullock or Mel Gibson to pop up from a barrel and bite someone's head off. No, like literally, Sandra Bullock needs to come out of a barrel in a speeding bus and just bite someone's head off. That's my critique for fox.

So what happened this week in three sentences? The Connor's took a road trip to Sarah's old flame who's now living in a white house just waiting to get shot and killed by a janitor at the end of the episode. Derek learns he and former beau lost a fetus from Cameron who saves his human ass (boy can she turn a gay man straight) from a few more janitors. John Henry came one more episode closer to killing the crap out of Savanna Weaver (here's to hoping) while revealing to us that he has an angry vengeful brother hell bent on slowing down the internet and stealing the world's bandwith in an evil plot to kill the internet...not really. BTW, did I mention Sarah got a bat tracer stuck in her left boob? Cause she did.

Derek: B-

I began liking Derek finally when we came back from hiatus into Sarah's little trilogy of "Oh hey guys, the show is about me remember?" Though the writer's made him intentionally retarded this episode (Seriously Derek? You're going to go check out the mystery van while Cameron the super strength robot changes the tire? Derek seriously?). And why is it that he thinks he can grab the robot's wrist in hopes that he will seem intimidating and threatening?

Charley Dixon: B+

It was a cheap ending to a half endearing character. Not too sad about his departure, but it was expected. I was hoping that after they killed his wife, they would keep him around as a symbol of the show's population that isn't hands off for the robots. Which I guess the writers proved.

Weaver, Ellison, Henry: A+

These characters in John Henry's cavern revealing that a super computer feels a slow and painful millenia of death when you hit the off button was short of a perfect painting. This was indeed the best acting from this fraction of the cast thus far. The revelation of John Henry's brother is enticing enough to bite at. I'm still looking forward to Weaver facing off with Henry or Cameron.

John: C

What can I say? The kid doesn't do much. He's cute but he sometimes he'd be better off eating applesauce on screen for five minutes. The best line he had this episode is, "I took his seat? *laughs*".

Cameron: A

CamBot was back to form this episode. They gave us a full body shot of her running. I'd tap that gun toting hotty with a philips and a monkey wrench. i was actually fearful for her motherboard when she got zapped as I'm sure you were too, but her reboot was something I was waiting for.

Sarah: A-

What is it with this woman and hospitals? What is it with this woman and injury? And super fast healing for that matter? I think in the last few weeks she's suffered a gunshot wound, lascerations to the wrists, concussions, and now she's been zapped to high hell. Anyone feel the need to call child protective services? Oh wait, Jesse already did. We all know what happened to her. She lost her duffel bag. Mmhmm. What's interesting about Sarah this week is that Lena Heddy actually looked like she could make it outside of Terminator if the show gets cancelled or has a its series finale eventually.

When is the season finale? Anyone know? Was that it? Gawd damn it. It better not've been.

And in the end, all we have is bread. Oh yeah, John's missing. *eats bread*.



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Mar 29, 2009 5:31PM EDT

LMAO I was thinking the same thing! They really did make Derek stupid as hell that episode he is like "I will go check the van!" If i was there Id have been like hey stupid your not a killer robot from the future dumby!, either change the tire or hide behind the truck.
Even so I think that the choice was part of what the episode was about the loss of the lighthouse (symbol of guidance and a beacon of hope)
Derek: isnt sure whether he made the right decision to push Jeese out of his life after he found out she lost their baby AND he goes to the van despite his better judgement
Sarah: No longer trusts Derek and Cameron since they have failed her and or lied to her in various ways, she is lost and is looking for someone to trust and to help her take care of John especially after she is gone (thinks she has cancer and will eventually die) (ironic that someone is trying to find her with a tracking device)
Weaver, Ellison, Henry: There is now the potential for John Henry's goodness to be altered by his "brother" who has been searching for him; John Henry thinks they are alike. Im guessing that John Henry's brother is his negative foil what he could become. And so Ellison is losing his positive influence on John Henry and Weaver is losing her negative influence (for her own particular motives) on John Henry.
Charley, John: Charley lost his reprieve from the war and the small amount of time he had to feel as if his life was normal and John lost a best friend and almost a father like figure.
Cameron: Well, im not sure what Cameron lost ill leave that to you guys to figure out but ive spent more than enough time analyzing what this episode meant lol :P

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Mar 29, 2009 6:10PM EDT

Hey i thought the episode was good, slow to begin but then picked up the pace and revelations too sweet. Personally i am curious as to how Cameron rebooted so quick? maybe a change in her chip? Also what if this brother is the the bad skynet intelligence and John Henry actually is good, and not to obsessed with killing mankind? After all it looks like the other AI is the one from cyberdine systems going back to the movie.It is actually getting very interesting lots of added points coming into it, who are the water delivery guys? who do they work for? do they know its a computer?So much more to find out we definetly do need another season to flesh it all out and to see Cameron run some more :)

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Mar 29, 2009 7:33PM EDT

Thetravellerjohn: Excellent analysis. I think I really forgot about the bond that John and Charlie shared, but the way they killed him off screen seemed more to do with low budget than any kind of symbolism and that is perhaps why his death felt so cheap and useless. I wasn't really emotional about it. I think the part I loved in this episode the most (besides Cameron running and shooting at the van) was when Sarah told Charlie she's supposed to have cancer.OH! Also, I love your take on John Henry's brother possibly transforming him into a good guy.
travelbug: Aren't the cyborgs supposed to reboot after a measly sixty seconds? It can't be more than two minutes. I forgot the episode to reference on that but it's a very short amount of time. I don't think this was a plothole so much as bad directing and editing. This show isn't like 24 so it doesn't account for the procedural flow of logic and time. The best example I can give is like with any show, it can be day one minute and night the next second. No one needs to sit through the entire twelve hours between (unless it's 24, lol).

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Mar 30, 2009 4:44PM EDT

Thank you takakupo for your postive commentary on my analysis. One thing tho, I think I wrote it confusingly. I think that John Henry brother is John Henry's opposite as in the brother is bad and is going to make John Henry bad (john henry is good right now). My evidence? Remember when someone sent the diagram how to take apart a Terminator to the water guy? The sender says he got it from his brother (John Henry is the brother who would have the diagram for what a Terminator body looks like and how it works).
This insight leads one to believe that John Henry's brother is after the Connor Camp and is also looking to control John Henry as an ally. Also John Henrys name can be looked at as a reference to the railroad worker who went against the system and its progress, won but lost his life in the process (that also might be telling you how this finally will play out).
Also Im not sure how long the reboot for the machines is it is either 60 seconds or 2 minutes (it might have changed from the first time they did it with Cromartie-not on purpose by the writers). Im not sure but either way I think Cameron went down quickly and was playing possum. Notice the guy has to remove the HOT electrical cable from the pool of water before he can try to take the chip out of her head. She is alot smarter than most Terminators learning logic from the Connor Camp all day long, which is why i think she jumped up so fast and I think that might have been what they where trying to get at. :P
Look at it again and tell me what you all think..

Btw I definitely agree with your comment Takaupo about budget cuts on the show and how much it is hurting the show. Does fox think that the show will really survive network television without being able to afford any action scenes? Do they even care or have they already written it off? I am really beginning to feel that the show isnt far away from cancellation unfortunately. Damn it, first BSG and then possibly SCC, TV is really going to suck. All I have left is Kings and Tudors to stimulate deep intellectual thought. It isnt enough....

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