"The Good Wound" makes you feel like a masochist

I give it a robotic thumbs up. The episode was a good return to form for excitable sci-fi fans. The Terminator is like good old fashion Steven Seagal films. If you sit down and let yourself go you find yourself involved. If you're looking for oscar bait though, not to take away any of the shows credit for acting or production value with the budget that Chronicles works with, you're most likely tuning in to the wrong program.

That being said, it's always refreshing to keep enforcing characters and what's underneath it all, and that is certainly what the writers did with this episode starting with Reese. Not only has Derek Reese become less of a time filler, but he's evolved into an endearing person. He may be cold and somewhat stark on the military outfits but I for one finally believe that he's somewhat of a badass. Especially when he pulled the gun on our abused doctor so smoothly.

The other half of our batch of more endearing characters is Catherine Weaver. I think her status as a brutal and sharp executive/machine killer has been cemented by this episode in here sixty second killing spree which was done superbly with sub-par special effects. Her stoic and commanding looks have finally gone from useless to mesmerizing.

Though the story was short on plot development, the every character but John and Riley and their circle of pain, grew a little. I appreciate that much with this episode and hope to see more come out of every camp just a little a time. Here's to hoping a third season comes to us for christmas.


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