This Series is Ageing Like A Fine Wine

If anyone started watching Terminator last year with an expectation higher than getting an education on "Terminatorology" within a slim 14 episodes, your expectations were probably a bit too high. If you stuck around though chances are it was because of one of three things.

You're a sucker for Thomas Dekker. (check)

You got a little too attached to Lena Heddey's badass right hook and square jaw. (check)

or most importantly, you've fallen in love harder and deeper with Summer Glau's Cameron and haven't been this infatuated since Lucy Lawless war cried us all to paradise for an hour as Xena warrior princess. (Double Check)

The latest episode (Self Made Man) showcases what the show has grown into which is a search for the souls of each individual character, literally robotic or not. What's more, the show is trying to wrap the storyline around an oncoming war, time travel, rogue militants, and puberty. There are family values in there somewhere with Sarah Connor telling John about the lunch meat and such but it's really unimportant.

First we have the lovely Cameron with her new wheel chair bound friend who we'll call cancer boy (He's like the lunch meat). She makes a friend sorta in a person who stereotypically in a television show shouldn't have any friends. She finds much in common with this boy. She finds that the older the material, the more factually abstract the information, and the more destitute the images - the more more intrigued she becomes. Maybe intrigued isn't the right word. She definitely fits in with Cancer boy though as she finds not only that there is a plot to kill the future governor of California (a man who's name is most likely on the wall, written in blood by gun shot wound man).

I have to say I'm one of those weird male persons who gets really excited when there's a strong female character on screen kicking ass (I'm gay/feminist, not least not as much as the lunch meat). When Cameron walked into the door of the Pico tower all I could think was, "ZOMG! HERE IT COMES! AN ASSWHOOPING!"

Though the choreography and scene length seemed a bit of a tease, it was still great. By comparison, tonights Cameron Vs. Stark fight wasn't nearly as climactic (nor anti-climactic) as Cameron Vs. Yoga Instructor Terminatrix. I earnestly await the next episode to find that another character is one step closer to finding their purpose in the year 2008.


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