"Born To Run", Grade: A+ (Part 1 of 2)

It seems like the writers and directors and producers listened to the golden voices of the choir that is the audience, wrapping up a show who's fate will be unknown for quite some time, but leaving enough questions and WTF's to last us a whole apocalypse. My final question regarding the season finale is whether or not the show ties into the fourth movie after all.

In many of the previews and behind the scenes look of Terminator: Salvation, a new machine by the name of Marcus arrives in the future to aide John Connor (or make life more complicated). Marcus exhibits a willingness to believe that he is human. A drive to express human emotions and even breath intervals. Much like Cameron who is dealing with a developing range of emotions and reactions. But that's just a conspiracy theory. Onto the review!

We had more than one big shocker this episode. For one, Cameron's power down which will be considered as a death or a character exit if in fact Chronicles doesn't get renewed. Weaver is canonically on the good side after all, showcasing her talents for being in a savvy skirt, killing other terminators, and showing us that her penis is the biggest of all (Yes, I'm referring to the eel that slithered into her ankle which was a beautiful touch). Ellison is still a pussy, and John and Sarah, well they have yet to get their come uppance but I feel assured its on its way.

I'm still not positive about how I feel when it comes to the end of this episode though. I mean, it was a great piece considering it is the best closure John will ever get. The only problem I have is that ground zero of the resistance in year zero of the war is uncharted territory and to have John come face to face with his father is a bit of a paradox that I think a lot of people will have problems with. Not only that, but the Mad Max feel of Catherine Weaver post savior of the connor's is a bit much to take in all at once. Is she really on John's side? Many more question are yet to be answered.

But lets get real here for just a moment. The reason this episode garnered and A+ isn't because John almost got a booty call from CamBot, but because Chola girl came back!!!1!!! (intentional 1...mostly). If there is anything more significant about this episode, it is the fact that the writers finally gave the audience some continuity about the 'Chronicles' universe, and for that, I applaud them. Also, the priest from the first episode of this season got a scene or two, but he's not pretty, nor do I imagine him wielding a shotgun in the face of Sandra Bullock head biting danger.

To the review!!!

Jame's Ellison, B: The former FBI agent/family man finally makes himself less annoying/time filler with a bit of charm in this episode.

"Where have I been? It's seven in the mornin'. I've been sleepin'." Yes. That was James Ellison being black and business-ee at the sam time. Although the writers have used Ellison, not so much as a character, but a plot device to connect Weaver to the Connors, this episode shows us once again that he can be an intriguing character (which I'm going to say is mostly on accident).

John Henry, A-: The most insignificant part about John Henry is that his haircut and wardrobe suck. The best part about him though is that we've yet to see him grow up and grow out of those anti-fashionable slacks and dress shirt. Talk about casual Fridays gone wrong. The producers really should have just taken his shirt off, but I guess it adds to the child like atmosphere surrounding him. If we do get a third season, exploring the grown up John Henry who experiences loss and destruction first hand will be a treat. Mainly because with access to the internet, the writers never did explore his feelings about all of the evils in the world except when his therapist died. What does John Henry think about 'Don't ask don't tell'? Abortion? all interesting topics.


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Apr 12, 2009 1:18PM EDT

Personally I think weaver is a more advanced terminator created by other terminators and given the ability to freely choose and rationalize without following Skynet. She is a T-1001 with a similar body composition to the T-1000 but that one extra digit leads one to believe that in some way she is more advanced. She is similar to the humanoid models on BSG being that she can think for herself. That is why she is creating John Henry, another machine who can think rationally and with morals,ethics, and a respect for human life; even more so than herself. I think the other reason why she came back to the past was to live among humans and to understand them better, don't forget she actually TRIED to be a mother to Savannah and learn morality from Ellison.

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