'Nikita' recap: Birkhoff's secret past (and name) is revealed ... though is it too late?

After fearing the worst since last week's "Nikita," we finally got to breathe easy -- for a moment at least -- about Birkhoff. He's not a double planted by Amanda ... but he's also not Seymour Birkhoff.While he's still the Nerd we've come to know and love for the past four seasons on "Nikita," his real name isn't Seymour Birkhoff. It's Lionel Peller ... a.k.a. the son of NSA official Ronald Peller, who is the double Amanda planted. Birkhoff was only hiding Ronald's identity because he didn't want Nikita to kill the double since Amanda would then kill the real Ronald as she did with FBI director Matthew Graham. Birkhoff didn't have any warm feelings towards his father, but he also didn't want to see him die, and here's where "Set Up" quickly became one of the best episodes of "Nikita" so far.We finally got to learn about Birkhoff's past, from way before he...



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Dec 12, 2013 7:48PM EST

Agreed. I am sad the most epic episodes are happening just when the show will be ending. Maybe the dad saying those words aloud has to do with furthering the plot along faster to fit it into a limited number of episodes. That IS the kind of thing that American TV tends to fail miserably at with storytelling. Though there are a few exceptions, I think this show has been consistently strong and entertaining. I especially love Alex in this episode as well as Nikita and Nerd screen chemistry.

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