"Born To Run", Grade: A+ (Part 2 of 2)

Catherine Weaver, A: Although Shirley Manson didn't deliver all of her lines top notch during her parking garage ass whooping upon another terminator, she managed to make us like her in the last ten minutes of the show. What is most intriguing about Weaver is the fact that we still don't know what happened that day on the helicopter when her husband died, and presumably, her too. A more interesting question is why did she travel back in time and what is her mission now? All can be answered in a good first episode of season three.

John Connor, A+: I've never wanted to see someone kiss a robot so badly in my life.

"John... We have to go." Of all the lines in this series that we've heard from Cameron to John I think this may be the most memorable. John has maintained the line that's drawn between teenager and resistance leader. As he met his father, rediscovered Derek, and realized that Cameron was a real person at one time, you could see the emotion in his eyes. To see John fall in love with Cameron is a beautiful thing, robot conundrum or not. To see him go to the end of time because John Henry has her chip is priceless.

Cameron, A+: She is most definitely the favorite of the show. Of all the characters in the repertoire of television right now, Cameron is indeed one of the most memorable. From the beginning of season two's chip malfunction to the override of homicidal programming, up until the very real chemistry we all witnessed on the motel bed, we've seen a robot grow not just in gigabytes but in reactionary and prioritorial range. This was what Terminator 3's Arnold was supposed to be. A machine that can make its own rational and over reaching decisions with depth and consequences. Cameron will no doubt be back in season three, whether as a robot or a human. One thing is certain though, and that is that her history, much like Weaver's is still unresolved. We don't know how Cameron went from Machine on a mission to kill future John, to machine on a mission to save and aide him. That is something I'm wanting to experience.

Sarah Connor, A+: For once in her life, Sarah put her mission before her son. It wasn't something that I saw coming, but it wasn't something as gargantuan or eye catching as you may expect. The simple act of stepping back from the time bubble caught me off guard. I fully engaged in thinking that she would follow her son wherever he may go, but as the episode went, Sarah is ready to die at a moments notice and I think what we finally saw was Sarah's final willingness to embrace the resistance and the war rather than obsess with her sons health. I think the most endearing part of the episode was at the very end when she sent a message to John via time travel that she loved him. It was the cherry on top that we needed just in case a season three is unfulfilled. I'm not sure how much more badass that means Lena Heddy will become in a season three, but I think we can look forward to bigger weapons and grittier hand to hand.

As a finale, this episode only works if you've invested time in all thirty sex episodes (That's fourteen plus twenty two right?). This show would not be possible without the prowess of its cast. Mainly Summer Glau and Lena Heddy, the latter taking everyone by surprise as an anti-Linda Hamilton. The first thing you notice about her is the beauty and the second is how believable her left hook is. Brian Austin Green was a wonderful addition to the cast in the later half of the season, and as he hits his stride I'm sure we have much more to look forward to. What I will wonder till I get an answer, and what I will always wonder is: When will they bring back Chola!?

It's been very fun you guys and if this is indeed our last review together, I'm glad we spent it watching Cambot and Sandra Bullock together.


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Apr 12, 2009 11:07PM EDT

i've seen TSCC since the first episode but for some reason i dont remeber how 'chola' was introduced to the show. i remember 1st seeing her when sarah and cam went to 'the hood' to get id's and the whole car scene but i dont remember her before that. how does she know cam and the connors and is chola a robot or human?

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Apr 15, 2009 5:58PM EDT

That was a great Review of a great episode, all i can say is Wow wow and another WOW. The two ladies also are amazing Both Summer Glau and Lena Heddy really made the show great to watch very magnetic on the screen. Saying that Thomas Dekker grew i think as the 2nd Season carried on, and if we were to get a 3rd season i can only wait in anticipation how his unknown John Connor will develop.
Also anyone think that bit with him putting his hand in her was more then a little metaphorical, don't think she has let many do that.Also i am sure i saw Cameron show some sign as his hand slipped in, some sort of reaction to it.

As for the Chola thing she meant them in the hood but got involved in the finale of season 1.
All i can say is that a season 3 would create a great legacy and really allow a different dimension to the Terminator history.

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Apr 20, 2009 10:15AM EDT

Jesus that was an amazing episode i actually teared up watching johns face at the end, they are such an amazing cast lena plays it so perfectly finally letting him go and putting the mission first, and the scene with cameron and john......wow sexual tension u cud cut with a knife lolThis can't be the end please i need more!!!!!!! will john fall in love with human cameron?? why has noone heard of john connor in this future?? what is weaver up to? is she the liquid terminator off the submarine?? Urgh i need to no more!!This ending shows season 3 wud be brilliant!! Fox don't be pricks!Great review by the way

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