'Haven' recap: Audrey and the Troubles go dark in 'When the Bough Breaks'

"Haven" had a big episode with "When the Bough Breaks."A baby gets a deadly Trouble (thanks to William). Jennifer finds the "heart of Haven." Dave turns out to be adopted. The show finally gives an explanation for those funky disappear/reappearing Guard tattoos.And Audrey doesn't just solve a Trouble, she creates one.So yes, this was a big episode. Considering that there's only one episode left in Season 4, that makes sense. Everything is hurtling toward a big finish, and it's getting dark very, very quickly.Trouble of the weekAs far as Troubles go, this week's is no "everything turns to cake." It is instead deadly. A four-month-old baby named Aaron Harker suddenly has a cry that kills. The dead seem to be random (there was no consensus on whether or not they were) and keel over with a stopped heart seconds after hearing the screams.It turns out that this is very much a family curse --...



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