"Adam Raised A Cain", Grade: A+

The A+ isn't so much for the humorous irony that Savannah was a sexist bitch and told her mother (Shirley Manson) she couldn't sing, but more for the payoff that this episode has shelled out at the crest of the second (and quite possibly final) season. By now, if you're reading this review, you should be well aware that Derek Reese was shot and killed in the most roughneck, survivalistic, 'we can't let you slow us down so we won't give you much more screen time' type of way imaginable. I'm sure a lot of people are griping about how cheap his death was and if you happen to be one of them just be thankful Sandra Bullock didn't come zooming out of a barrel on a speeding bus and bite his head off. Now that would've been cheap.

I must say that the best part about this episode was indeed the first fifteen minutes, but it doesn't take away from the fact that overall, it was the best the entire series has to offer. The costumes, make-up, lighting, even the script this go around was excellent. The only thing I clamor for is better acting from Savannah Weaver and more suspense.

Derek, A+: It's not that Derek didn't deserve better, it's just that to give us time to see Derek be heroic would have ruined his sacrifice. This is a war people, not some carousel ride through a Steven Spieldberg oscar nominated film where the male lead pulls the pin on a grenade and gives everyone enough time to escape. This was the best way to end this character's run without letting us see it coming. Quite frankly, I would have it no other way.

His time has come to an end just when I began to invest in his character. I disliked his initial run on the show. His presence as the masculine male opposite Cameron was something of a cop-out at first, but as the second season drew on (mainly when we came back from hiatus), Derek's character became more relevant as the mind and body that would do what John Connor could not. His love fest with Jesse only added to his likability. Although I see Derek as being much more cared about than Riley, I can only imagine the show can move one without him as opposed to Cameron.

John Connor, A-: He showed just the right amount of emotion, but lacked the annoying idiocy he often displays on those telling moments of character. When he talked to Cameron about losing Derek etc; it was as if we were suddenly seeing a boy become a man. He understood what Cameron had to say, but he didn't dwell on it too much like the directors like him to do for seventeen minutes per episode. This time it was cut and paste, lets move on. A vast improvement.

John Henry and Savannah Weaver, B+: This duo makes a surprisingly audacious, fulfilling, and energetic team. I really can't wait to see what they have in store for these two. I thought Henry would have killed Savannah by now, but I can see that the only way that will happen is if big brother taps into his motherboard and makes him do it. The kinship between these two characters is officially charismatic and their duet at the end, an old irish folk song, was quite touching.

Weaver and Ellison, B+: Ellison returned to annoying form this episode as the crazy black guy trying to teach the robot about religion while breaking all the rules. Not to mention the idiot let Sarah get arrested and the writers used him as a scapegoat for everyone to hate. "I swear John, I didn't know." I mean really Ellison? really? As for Weaver, he clever bout with the detective was charming. "They mostly stay in. They do not attack unless provoked." was a good description of Weaver as a character so far.

Cameron, B+: Wasn't loving the robot fighting scene in the beginning. Wasn't as creative or barbaric as previous encounters. It was sufficient enough to hold me over until the finale which I'm sure will have some hot CamBot action. Cameron also gave John advice using future tense and past tense. Something she usually does on her breaks.

Sarah, A-: I loved the end to this episode, except for the fact that s



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Apr 4, 2009 10:24PM EDT

I totally got cut off...bah I say! BAH!Umm, I think I said someting about Sarah being grittier but found it kinda strange that none of the officers found it fit to open fire on her milky bad self.
Sorry :(I'll try and shorten it up next time.

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Apr 5, 2009 11:10AM EDT

Lol i was thinking the same thing takakupo, at least one trigger happy cop would have lit her cute little behind up, and when one fires more will just by normal reaction

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Apr 5, 2009 5:25PM EDT

Well i agree with this review completely, a great episode and a fitting and shocking way to go for Derek. Overall i loved this episode it was just good viewing, hard to know what to expect, what would have happened if Sarah meets Weaver. I had multitudes of scenarios playing through my mind but again got caught nicely at the end. I am actually relaly looking forward to the last episode, and dreading the season/ show finishing.

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Apr 6, 2009 9:46AM EDT

I watched online and I actually rewound to make sure my eyes didn't deceive me that Derek was indeed dead. I agree his death was fitting and set a nice tone.
Who's betting this is the last season? I'm sad, but I can understand. The writing for this last season was often unfocused, clumsily pushing themes and side plots. That of course was the middle. I have been happy with the last few episodes and the episodes at the beginning.
Still, I wish we could find out what the skynet ship thing was that was released a few episodes ago.

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