'Once Upon a Time': [SPOILER] dies as Peter Pan forms 'The New Neverland'

We thought for sure last week's "Once Upon a Time" would feature a minor character death, as our intrepid heroes made their way out of Neverland. Turns out we were one week early. StorybrookeBack from Neverland, it's a joyous reunion of hugs and congratulations as the townspeople welcome the travelers home. But Pan is ready to set his plan in motion, starting with sucking up to Regina because he knows she's desperate for Henry's love (which is really sad to watch when you know it's not Henry saying those things to her). Emma thinks something is up with Henry but doesn't know for sure until Pan breaks his shadow away from the ship's sail and kills the Blue Fairy (more on that in a moment). When the Scooby Gang lets Pan out of Pandora's Box in order to find out how he could have been controlling his shadow from inside, Pan appears claiming to be...



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