I Feel so Smart for getting the Ending of "Alpine Fields". Do you?

Bahaha! This episode was just awesome. You could feel the character's readiness and bold growth ooze out of the screen. Anyone with me on that? Mmhmm.

Derek has grown on me this season after the last few episodes. The writers have made him a staunch more optimistic. I was getting tired of him crying all that cynicism about who we should trust and whom we shouldn't. He showed that he could headline the episode with some other trusty faces.

Cameron's two liner was hilarious.

Cameron: He's human?

Lauren: Of course!!!

Cameron: My mistake.

I love the 'Baroo?' look Summer Glau puts on her face half the time like she's filing new data or something.

Lauren is probably the most inspiring new character that the series has had in a while. I almost wished that they actually kept her on the show, but two kick ass woman and a lead singer from Garbage is actually enough female ass kicking action for one show. I thought when she leaf the necklace to showcase just how ready she is after Derek tells her its just another target and she asks Sarah how she knew she was ready was pretty awesome.

I think while we have a climax to get to (the end of the world) the show is telling us that we are going to invest a lot more in the main characters now that there are more episodes this season. I'm definitely feeling attached to Derek as much as I am Cameron and Sarah, but WTF is up with John? His story is getting too monotone. "I've seen things guys. It's made me deep and obnoxious and distant. I'm John Connor."

Just sayin'



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