Predictions for Season 2

Maryann - At first I thought that she was a witch and I certainly still leave that possibility open, but I think it would be more accurate to crown her as a "Nymph". It makes sense in the dark mythology of True Blood. Make everyone around you go crazy with the urge to mate, and steal their sexual energy for your own personal use. the question is, Is she a good guy or a bad guy?

Tara - I have a feeling that Tara and eggs are going to end happily. If sookie and eric can do it, so can Tara.

Daphne - As the healer told Eric, the creature is like the Kamodo dragon. I think it's almost certain to say that while Sam needs a love interest and Daphne seems like the perfect take, I think she's got a one way ticket to an untimely end. The creature will probably track her down when she's weak and devour her.

The creature - Is it just me or did the poison not work until Sookie took the Vampire's blood. Perhaps the creature will turn out to hunt vampires or other creatures. It's definitely not a warewolf...their knowledge of werewolves are extensive. So what could it be?

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Jun 30, 2009 9:12PM EDT

Maryanne is a maenad. I think that's how you spell it.

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May 11, 2016 2:40PM EDT

yes maryanne is a maenad and no i dont think it is going to end greatly for Tara and eggs because he is a pawn for maryanne's bad intentions and he probably wont believe it even after Tara makes it clear to him. If Eggs finally does realize that maryanne is a skank then he will probably end up sacrificing himself to save Tara.
Now to make things clear Daphne is a pawn sent to sex up Sam and im 100% sure on this. Why? She had healed claw marks on her back, the same claw marks that were on Sookie's back. But they didnt disappear so she wasnt given vampire blood just something to counteract the poison. SO the logical explanation is that Daphne agreed to work for maryanne and seduce Sam in exchange for her life.
Personally I think the poison was still working before Bill gave her his blood is was just that once he gave her his blood-it was a catalyst, it made the poison react faster in an attempt to overcome the healing properties of Bill's blood. The healer/doctor said something to the affect that she had to get the poison out first and after she did then she told Bill to give Sookie his blood because "The poison is out. You can give her your blood now. Her body will accept it."
Here is another thread talking about Maryann and what she is.

I posted and link explaining what she is on that post but here is the link again.
*Spoiler Alert*

Good to see your still alive takakupo! haha
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