Episode Recap: "Not a Father's Day"

Last week, we learned of Robin's still-lingering daddy issues. This week on How I Met Your Mother, there were more daddy issues to tackle, or more like parenting issues. You know it would be addressed sooner or later (nevermind the fact that Alyson Hannigan is pregnant): Will Lily and Marshall have a baby? But more importantly, are they ready for one?

We open on the quintet at MacLaren's with Barney bemoaning the lack of suitable options for him (seriously, he's gotta focus on Robin). There's a group of ladies in a booth, but they're not as attractive as everyone thinks they are due to "The Cheerleader Effect." Yes, in the great tradition of HIMYM coinage, we have yet another. "The Cheerleader Effect" is a group of people appear hot collectively, but are fug individually. Taking a closer look at each, we see Barney's point, punctuated with a lovely ugly female Marshall. Just as he's winding up his speech, Barney takes a quick call. What was it about? "I'm gonna be a dad." Well not yet (lest we forget, this isn't his first pregnancy scare either, if you recall from Marshall and Lily's wedding). His one night stand is going to see a doctor, but Barney, though he definitely does not want to have a kid, won't hear any talk of a false positive because no part of him would perform any less than 110 percent and his "Michael Phelpses" would always get the gold. An Olympics reference? A show after my own heart. He storms out asking who in their right minds would ever want kids.

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