Gawd this show is slow...I like it: Some Must Sleep While Some Must Watch

It wasn't too exciting to see Sarah wander around what looked like a mental hospital, but the surprise of the evening was a british roomy with a smoking problem. I enjoyed every scene she was in. It's too bad her character went up in smoke. . . and sleep. Meh.

Sarah returned this week with insomnia. Or at least an unconscious form of it. The writers fake us out a lot and really, they needed to be slapped. I swear the useless Cyote man just makes me sick to my stomach. The writers waste so much time and characters and plot points that are basically just fodder. I like this show. I really do. It has charisma, but putting in dream catchers and characters that don't matter like Rico the Janitor (No, I don't remember his real name) is going to get people detached.

I did like Dr. Immabitch. She was super cool as a villain. What was more entertaining though was seeing our friendy, the security guard from weeks ago, rear his ugly head and try to kill sarah. I loved the fact that Fox had the guts to show his impaled eye. I loved the fact that she used her own blood as lubricant. I loved the Native American folklore and poetry. I hated the cyote. She should have just ran it over. Seriously, there better be a point to that thing in the next episode! We've already spent an entire seven or eight episodes hunting down the tri-dot. Get some freakin' solidarity for cripe sake.


True, it was an awkward episode, but this is an awkward series. It seems like the writers are finally getting a hold on the direction they want this to go. Hope we got some resolve with a third season.

Also, I'm going to put this in every single review that I can.



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