Can 'Almost Human' make the leap from good to great?

Five episodes into its life, FOX's "Almost Human" is doing several things pretty well and is shaping up to be a fairly enjoyable hour of TV. Yet it still feels like the show is searching for, and not quite finding, an extra gear that would move it from "pretty good" to "must-see."Monday's (Dec. 9) episode was the show's best since its pilot, and it highlighted some of the things the show has gotten right thus far, in particular the way the show is applying its near-future setting to the cop-show form. That's not the easiest thing to pull off. But so much potentially rich storytelling ground was staked out in the pilot that it's been a little frustrating to see much of that recede to the background.Let's start, though, by talking about what's working.The future: Among the handful of people (who are probably mostly TV critics) who recall CBS' 2004 show "Century City" -- a...


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