The Sing-Off Season Four Premiere Recap: All In


It was only a matter of time. Thanks to the surprise success of Pitch Perfect, a cappella groups are suddenly more popular socially acceptable tolerated than ever before, Macklemore’s commercial breakthrough has diminished our collective skepticism toward the concept of white people beat-boxing, and savvy online retailer has brought reasonably priced, brightly colored trousers to the masses. The stage could not be more perfectly set for the return of NBC’s The Sing-Off, surely the most breezily enjoyable of the Idol-come-latelies. By taking itself a tiny bit less seriously than its competitors, and by managing its hopefuls’ expectations — nobody is trying to convince anyone that a college a cappella group is going to be the next Mariah Carey — The Sing-Off has managed to do what almost no singing competition can do these days: put a winner on the charts. Right now, season-three winners Pentatonix’s Christmas album is in the iTunes top ten. A cappella may not be a glamorous genre, but in 2013, it’s possible that we’ve taken glamour as far as it will go.  Read More...


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