The Blacklist Season 1 Review “Anslo Garrick Part 2?

Network dramas have a fundamental issue: The goal of most network dramas is to run for multiple seasons and make everyone lots of money. It’s less of an artistic rendering and more of a machine to keep running smoothly. Sometimes they put the hammer down and run the machine into the red, asThe Blacklist did with their two part fall finale, but you know the machine is never in risk of overheating. Therefore, every television show falls into the same conundrum. With networks and increasingly fickle audiences demanding the machine run full speed on occasion, shows like The Blacklist are forced to put their heroes in ridiculous situations with absurd conclusions. Ultimately, it only matters if its entertaining. Besides, all the particulars involved can use the large stacks of money generated by a successful television show to cover up that place on the mantle where an Emmy award would have gone.



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