Awkward Season 3 Review “Old Jenna”

Colour me surprised – after just one week on Awkward not being a total biatch, Jenna has wormed her way back into her friendship group, her mother’s good graces and even Matty’s affections. How did she do it? Not by being the old Jenna, but by creating an entirely new girl who actually appreciates her lot in life while it’s sticking around – as opposed to driving it away just because she’s bored and restless.

I really like that we’re back to a new and improved status quo after our foray into troubled teen-dom, because it would have felt forced for Jenna to slot right back into her old life like nothing had happened. A party at Matty’s was the perfect way for Jenna to try and make amends by being on her best behaviour but, after she sees her ex with a hot college freshman visiting Hart, she’s back to her old ways. Drunk and feeling rejected, she goes after Jake once again but, contrary to my expectations, no one holds it against her.



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