SideReel Picks TV's Cutest Lesbian Couples of 2013

Lena & Stef: The Fosters

Lena & Stef

The Fosters
What isn't adorable about Lena and Stef?

Emily & Naomi: Skins

Emily & Naomi

Let's just go ahead forget how it ended in typical Skins fashion.

Callie & Arizona: Grey's Anatomy

Callie & Arizona

Grey's Anatomy
They may have lost one-third of their ridiculously good-looking child-rearing trifecta (RIP McSteamy), but they're still easily the prettiest couple on TV. Most viewers would be happy to see these successful girl-docs grow old together, but in Shonda Rhimes Land, who actually earns the luxury of growing old?!

Emily & Paige: Pretty Little Liars

Emily & Paige

Pretty Little Liars
They've been through a lot together – from cutthroat swimming competitions to creepy killer "cousins" – but at this point, they're basically one of the few reasons left to keep watching this show. Sure, Paige can be a little, umm... clingy... but c'mon – you would be clingy too if YOU were dating Shay Mitchell!

Dani & Santana: Glee

Dani & Santana

I think most diehard Gleeks were a little skeptical when they heard that Demi Lovato would be swooping in this season to romance our favorite TV "Lebanese," but there's no denying it – these two have crazy chemistry, with or without acoustic guitar accompaniment. Dani is no Brittany S. Pierce, but as much as it hurts to admit it, that's probably a good thing.

Piper & Alex: Orange is the New Black

Piper & Alex

Orange is the New Black
Piper + Alex is way better than Piper + Larry. Black-haired, Laura Prepon is mesmerizing as Piper's love interest and has audiences everywhere contemplating the merits of women's prison.

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Dec 16, 2013 3:07PM EST

Melanie & Lindsey. Queer as Folks :)

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Dec 19, 2013 10:14AM EST

yea, bo and lauren...!

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