What happened to Lois?

Lois finally came back in the last episode, and now she's gone again? Why are they cutting her out so much? Anyway.........So it was obvious from the beginning of this episode that Tess knows at least some part of Clark's secret. She was confident enough to have the plane destroyed while they were in it (which I knew from the beginning was a setup). So now Clark is thinking about letting her in on it. I think she is getting to him a bit. I also feel like Chloe's part is coming to a close, what with Jimmy leaving her now. She doesn't have much going in the story line anymore. Well, besides Davis....... And it looks like (at least in the previews) that Clark finally figures out how to fly in the next episode! I'm really excited about that, I'm ready for Clark to finally embrace his destiny to be Superman.


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Mar 20, 2009 3:13AM EDT

I know the actress playing Lois is only signed on for a few episodes,not a whole season,so that largely plays on how often she appears(which is odd,considering she is the second most important character in all of Superman).

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