'The Walking Dead' Season 4: Did Carol really kill Karen and David?

There have been a lot of decisions and assumptions made on "The Walking Dead" Season 4 based on the reveal that Carol killed Karen and David. When Rick asked her point blank if she was the one behind the two prison murders, she confirmed it, and that led to Rick sending her away. But what if Carol wasn't the murderer after all? There's a theory floating around that we've really gotten on board with that speculates Melissa McBride's character wasn't the one who killed the two infected prison members, but rather that it was the little girl she took on as her charge, Lizzie. This theory was seemingly reinforced by a conversation showrunner Scott Gimple had with Vulture about the moment in the midseason finale where Lizzie shoots Tara's girlfriend, Alisha, in the head. "It seemed very natural that [Carol] would settle into the role that she did this season as a very determined protector...



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