'Nashville' fall finale: Did both [SPOILER] and [SPOILER] die in 'Tomorrow Never Comes?'

Wow. "Nashville" wasn't lying when it teased that someone would die in Wednesday (Dec. 11) night's episode, "Tomorrow Never Comes."Spoilers below.Did you guess they would kill both Crazy Peggy and Will? We were only prepared for one death, but now two lives hang in the balance. And while Crazy Peggy getting shot was super soap opera-y, Will's apparent suicide is like a punch to the gut. Here was a bright, young, talented man with his entire future as a country superstar ahead of him, and he walked in front of a train because he was in so much pain from being closeted. He couldn't deal with being gay in the country music business, even after he finally gave in to his feelings and slept with Brent. He should have been happy at connecting with the guy he'd been longing for, but instead he took his own life.Did Will actually go through with it? We...



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