'X Factor' Top 4: Are Restless Road and Jeff Gutt finals-bound?

Did you think that once we were down to four acts, the show would only be an hour long? Think again, "X Factor" fans. 1. Carlito Olivero, "Boyfriend" and "I Need to Know"Well, he knows his target audience, even bringing a girl on stage to sit in a chair while he sings and wiggles his pelvis at her. It's ... pretty cheesy, but I suspect the voters will really dig it. Is it going to be Carlito vs. Restless Road for the title? Hmm.Vocally, this is solid, I'll give him that. "Boyfriend" is not the most demanding song by any stretch of the imagination, but he's hitting all the notes, which is more than he has done in some weeks. However, "I Need to Know" is a step in the right direction. It's still not an overly challenging song, but it's better than boyfriend and he sounds terrific. Carlito was pretty solid this week.2. Restless...



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