'The Tomorrow People': Murder, limbo and Darth Vader in 'Death's Door'

"The Tomorrow People" fall finale, "Death's Door," proved:1. Stephen's father, Roger, is in limbo -- a place that can only be accessed by near-death experiences.2. Jedikiah Price isn't entirely evil.3. The Founder is really Darth Vader.Other things happened in the episode, of course, but these are the most important. For more on this and the rest of the show, keep reading.The Founder = Darth VaderThe Founder has a distinctly Sith Lord quality about him at all times. A man with super-powers, he allies himself with evil and even becomes its master. Sounds just like Darth Vader, right?"Death's Door," however, made it really clear that the Founder should be dressed in black with a mask. The evidence of this is impressive:Early on in the episode, the Founder demands that John reveal the location of "your rebel friends." This may be a direct borrowing from the original "Star Wars."When John doesn't comply with his wishes, the...



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