The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Review “The Safety Dance”

If there had been any more nods to Carrie’s ultimate destiny on this week’s The Carrie Diaries, we may as well have been back in the early 90s. This season of the show had made a huge effort to draw itself nearer to the series we already know and love and, with Carrie now taking a writing class in the city and spending less and less time in the school halls with Mouse, Sebastian and Maggie, I can only think this is going to increase.

But one thing we’re already done away with is Carrie’s new beau, Weaver, as it proved a relationship containing two writers was just too heavy to deal with at her age. At least we’ve done away with the whole virginity issue and, with Carrie getting the wrong end of the stick about Maggie’s sleepover, she is free to date as much as she likes. Getting a B+ on her first Sex and the City-esque essay might not have encouraged her, but maybe being young, free and single in New York will give her the first batch of fodder for her eventual career as a columnist.



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