Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 “Man On The Moon” Review

After 10 seasons of watching Grey’s Anatomy, I’m admittedly growing a little weary of the show. Despite a bloated cast and repetition of themes and storylines I wish the show would retire, I still find a few things that I enjoy week after week. I suppose that’s what keeps me coming back. As for this week . . .

The Good

I was elated to see that Dr. Webber not only went home last night, but he was right back at the hospital shortly after checking out so that he could get back in the operating room. It was also nice to see he and Baily finally acknowledge the awful things she said to him before he was electrocuted and that he thanked her for her part in saving his life. At least we have one friendship back on track and thank goodness Webber got Bailey to take her meds. Hopefully this medication will get Bailey back to her strong, outspoken, self-assured persona and allow her to show a little appreciation for her husband and his efforts to help her.



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