American Horror Story: Coven Recap: Bees in the Trap

This war is getting real, queens. Grab your coffee, guns, and pillows, ’cause this is one bumpy broom.


Hank’s father is the heir to a centuries-old witch-hunter family. While camping with Hank in 1991, he rustles the trees to produce Helena Bonham Carter dressed as the Bride of Chucky. When Hank fails to kill her, the witch breathes fire and is soon shot dead by Hank’s father. “Never forget what they are,” he cries.

Now, in the present day, Hank’s father is CEO of the Delphi Trust (“Since 1826”) — essentially, a witch-extinguishing agency. Hank is a janitor compared to David, the strapping “right-hand man” of the operation. Hank’s father is hella upset: Hank is now, of course, not living at the Academy, and because of his sloppiness in disposing of Kaylee, “an innocent desk clerk and a maid lost their lives.” To be fair, are we sure that Russell Crowe wasn’t also staying at the same hotel?  Read More...


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