American Horror Story Supreme Watch: Who Is Likely to Be the Next Fiona?

As American Horror Story: Coven continues its twisted journey, the identity of the next Supreme has fast become this season’s most important mystery. The buildup started slowly, with rules and requirements for the Supreme subtly doled out: She’s got to be healthy and she’s got to be able to perform the “7 Wonders.” But how strict is this “glowing-bill-of-health” rule, anyway? Do mental deficiencies count? How about not being alive? And what are the 7 Wonders, exactly: specific powers or magical tasks? Even last night’s episode didn’t really clear anything up (SPOILERS! HERE COME THE SPOILERS!): Queenie’s maybe-death doesn’t even necessarily take her out of the race. Like us, you’re probably keeping track at home of which witch has the edge to succeed Fiona: Here’s where the Supreme Watch stands after last night’s episode, and don’t place any bets until you’ve taken our odds into consideration.  Read More...


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