Homeland Season 3 Review “Big Man in Tehran”

Reviewing a television series on a weekly basis can pull the reviewer in different directions. Shows can have fantastic pieces and episodes, but fail to ultimately bring a story together. Other shows can seem diffuse and narratively wondering, yet they somehow find a way to piece things together by the end of the season in ways that are as enthralling as they are reasonable. If people like me were to take suggestions from David Simon, I would wait until the end of every television season before dropping any digital ink about it. Certainly some shows are better when viewed through the prism of an entire season, as opposed to in 42-55 minute blocks. It’s the rare narrative drama that is able to produce episodes of television that function successfully as one unit while also serving as the next chapter in a book that is being written. Only the most successful shows can pull it off, and many shows try to do it and fail spectacularly.




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