The Amazing Race Season 23 Review “Amazing Crazy Race”

It always seems to come so fast, doesn’t it? After only two short months, the 23rd season of The Amazing Race comes to a close tonight with “Amazing Crazy Race”. As the four remaining teams make their way from Indonesia to Tokyo, and then from Tokyo to the good ol’ US of A!

After a whopping seven minutes of recap and commercials, we finally get to the new footage as we see the teams trying to leave Indonesia. The only real Travel Fu and drama amounted to The Afghanimals finding a different connecting flight from the rest of the teams. It was certainly a gamble for them to choose a different flight than the rest of the teams, and all just for a chance to get in only 15 minutes before everybody else. If it works out, then you only stand to pull ahead by a few minutes. If it doesn’t work out, then you’re basically sinking yourself since you’re totally separated from the rest of the group. Staying on their flight at least keeps you all in the same boat if there are any delays.



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