Revenge Season 3 Review “Surrender”

After a short hiatus, Revenge returned with the last episode before the big wedding midseason finale. With the return of Lydia throwing a last-minute wild card into the proceedings, “Surrender” was all about tying up loose ends before what’s sure to be an eventful day for the series.

Lydia took no time to make her return known, quickly confronting both Victoria and Conrad. Of course, this meant an encounter with Emily as well, and Lydia let her know she still planned to bring her down should the chance arise. Given how often the characters on Revenge resort to veiled aggression and subterfuge, it was a welcome change of pace to see approach things so directly. Her arrival was like a grenade going off; shoving Emily over was enough to let the pregnancy out of the bag to Victoria. From there, things quickly unraveled, leading to Victoria’s decision to not attend the wedding, a major roadblock for Emily’s plan.



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