Masters of Sex Season 1 Review “Phallic Victories”

On the penultimate episode of “Masters of Sex,” things fell apart more than a little bit, even while they came together in unexpected ways in “Phallic Victories.” On the one hand, Masters’ office situation was a mess, with Virg…er…Jane doing her best to fill the void left by Ms. Johnson, to no avail. Enter Libby to help out at the front desk, but that came with its own issues, not the least of which was her playing Nancy Drew and noting how many times a certain couple had undergone participation in Masters’ studies- 23 times! Hmm, wonder who that could be?

Faring better was Johnson herself in Dr. DePaul’s office. Unfortunately, even her best efforts failed when their bus broke down on the way to an OB-GYN conference Johnson impressively wrangled a slot for DePaul to speak at about her pap smear campaign. All was not completely lost, as Johnson, always one to think on her feet, wisely salvaged the trip by talking to the wives present about it, securing several advocates in the process. Pretty impressive!



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