Once Upon a Time Season 3 Review “The New Neverland”

At the end of last week, we said goodbye to Neverland and the gang sailed off into the sky bound for Storybrooke. Everyone was happy because they thought they’d defeated Pan by imprisoning him in Pandora’s box, David had a temporary fix to his nightshade issue, and Hook and Neal had declared a détente as to Emma. But, we can’t have a happy ending before the “winter finale” (when did that become a thing?).

The returning Neverland travelers are greeted with hugs and kisses all around. Gold and Neal have reconciled, Wendy and her brothers reunite, and Belle gets her man/dark one back. Of course, nobody realizes that Pan is actually in Henry’s body and Henry’s shadow/Pan’s body is trapped in Pandora’s box. This switcheroo gives us a chance to hold on to Peter Pan a little longer. I for one would heartily support leaving Henry’s spirit in Pan permanently. That would solve my biggest problem with the show.




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