Almost Human Season 1 Review “Blood Brothers”

With the ratings getting lower and lower every week, Almost Human returned tonight with their fifth episode “Blood Brothers”. Even though this series is one of the best new network shows, it’s sci-fi setting and outlandish presence is certainly having a hard time finding an audience. Hopefully entertaining and simple episodes like this one will help attract a more mainstream viewership, even though tonight’s installment might not have been very exciting or pushed any of the major mysteries forward.

However, one major mystery was immediately answered right off the bat. Robots don’t have penises, everybody! Everybody who was worrying about that nagging question can rest easy now that we know that most of those dudes look like full-grown Ken dolls. All of the robots except Dorian, naturally, who apparently is very well endowed. This was a very fun and hilarious opening scene, and all of these scenes between Dorian and John in John’s car are really helping flesh out their relationship nicely. Karl Urban and Michael Ealy have such a great chemistry together, and all of these goofy scenes really put a smile on my face.



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