Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Review “The Golem”

Every time I watch an episode of Sleepy Hollow, I find something else to love about it. This week’s episode focused more on Ichabod and his quest to find out what became of his son. As such, it had more heart than some of the other episodes. That’s not to say that there weren’t any scares though because, seriously, did y’all see that Golem?

After discovering that Katrina had secretly given birth to his son, Ichabod was driven to find out what happened to him. First, Ichabod was obviously looking forward to becoming a father, so he was distraught that he never had the opportunity to get to know his son. He wanted to do all the things a father does with his son and he was angry that that opportunity was taken from him. Secondly, he felt enormous amounts of guilt. The only reason the Golem existed in the first place is that Jeremy felt alone and afraid, so he (albeit accidentally) created something to protect him. Something that did what his father should have done. Ichabod carried that weight because he wasn’t there. It is through no fault of his own that he was absent, but he felt guilty about it anyway. Finally, Ichabod doesn’t want to be alone in the world. If his son survived and prospered, then there was the possibility that Ichabod had living relatives. That prospect gave him some comfort.



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