Awkward Season 3 Review “Karmic Relief”

We should have known that it wouldn’t be that easy – Jenna’s nice girl act over the past couple of weeks of Awkward couldn’t fix her karma fast enough and, instead of asking her to prom as she thought would happen, Matty has seemingly moved on to new girl Bailey. I’d like to say I hadn’t seen that final twist coming, but I actually pegged it from the start of the episode – Bailey is basically the girl Jenna used to be when Matty first met her, and Jenna 2.0 just doesn’t measure up.

And, if I’m completely honest, I’m glad that Matty has moved on. Jenna hasn’t been a good friend or girlfriend to Matty since he wised up to her feelings and, now that he’s loosened up a bit with his feelings, he’s well within his rights to offer them to a girl who hasn’t messed him around or cheated on him. It’s ridiculous to me that Jenna even assumed that she could fall safely back into his arms after everything she did, and the fact that Matty thought to ask after her feelings on the matter before actually asking Bailey speaks volumes about how much he’s grown over the past three seasons.



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