Survivor Blood vs. Water Review “Out on a Limb”

With only one episode left before the three hour finale event on Sunday, Survivor: Blood vs. Waterreturned tonight with “Out on a Limb”. I would have thought that the last episode would have been more appropriately titled “Out on a Limb”, as Ciera made yet another HUGE move. Tonight’s installment starts right where that left off, as Katie is sent to Redemption and Kasama is still reeling from that huge move.

The scenes before the credits are usually just boring filler as we see the tribes reactions to the tribal that they just returned from. Tonight was different, though, as one major confession was made: Tyson told Monica and Gervase that he had the hidden immunity idol! We literally just watched him resolve to keep this a secret in the scenes from last week, so I was shocked that he opened up so quickly. I mean, if you’re going to tell your alliance that you have the idol, then you need to do it as soon as you find it. Either that or wait until you have to play it to save yourself or one of your alliance members. It looked like he was just sharing it to keep Monica from talking, which he may regret later.



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