Reign Season 1 Review “Fated”

Is Reign the biggest surprise of the season? Far from being the vapid mess of CW clichés we all thought it would be, the show has gone from strength to strength in its first season (and we’re only half way!) and come to its Christmas break with enough intrigue, salaciousness and fan-pleasing moments to delight even the harshest of critics. Those who checked out of this one before the season even began are missing out big time, and ‘Fated’ was a fantastic example of why Reign has become the one guilty pleasure to rule them all.

Starting with all of the romantic entanglements which, like in all good teen dramas, were the catalyst for everything else that happened, it looks as though Mary/Francis shippers are going to have to wait a little while longer for their ‘epic’ romance to pan out. We begin the hour just as we left the last – with Mary and Francis enjoying some quality time with each other before learning of Mary Tudor’s imminent death. As there are those who believe Mary to be the rightful heir to the English throne, Henry leaps into action and declares that Francis and Mary are to be married as quickly as possible.



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