"Tears" Review: Legend of the Seeker - Kahlan's epic blood rage equals an epic finale

Oh. Wow. So many season finales are described as "epic," but this one truly was. The "false reality" from last week was resolved early on by Zedd erasing Dahlia's history (including her relationship with Cara). We immediately headed into some cool action, as Zedd blasted a baneling with wizard's fire - this episode featured more violence and blood than most, although several season 2 episodes have been pretty violent. Then things got interesting.

Where to begin? How about with a shirtless Darken Rahl, chillaxing in the Mord-Sith pool. Since his return from the Underworld and encounter with his "dear/intrepid/fearless/insert adjective" brother, Rahl is learning to enjoy the simple pleasures in life (apples, massages, torturing peasants). He seems quite content to let Richard defeat the Keeper, and he no longer poses a threat to the Stone of Tears quest. But we can't have an epic finale without a worthy villain, so cue Nicci's dramatic entrance (boiling Rahl in his own pool was a nice touch - you go girl).

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