The Tomorrow People Season 1 Review “Death’s Door”

One thing I can say about The Tomorrow People is that it keeps me guessing. Well, mostly Jedikiah keeps me guessing, but we’ll get to him in a minute. The mid-season finale was a pretty enjoyable hour of television, and it opened up a few storylines that could prove very interesting during the latter half of the season.

This episode pretty much picked up where the last one left off. John has been captured and is being held at Ultra HQ. The Founder (who really annoys me) was personally interrogating John to find out the location of the rest of the tomorrow people. Apparently, he couldn’t get inside of John’s head, so he decided to settle on torturing him. Stephen came in to stop it, and The Founder took great pleasure in revealing to Stephen that John was the one who killed Roger. John was (understandably) ashamed of what he’d done, but when Stephen asked, he told him the truth. As an aside, I really hope that at some point John and/or Stephen get a chance to take down The Founder because he’s a smug, sadistic so-and-so.



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